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Scrabble board cheat

Alfred Mosher Butts was an architect who had really hard times during the Great Depression because he was constantly out of work. Since he had a lot of free time, he decided to design a unique board game and he went to incredibly great lengths during the process, which included a detailed study of the front page of The New York Times which was necessary for him to determine the frequency of each of the letters in the English alphabet. He called his board game Lexico at first, but we all recognize it as Scrabble today. Novice players have some difficulties at first, but if you learn some tricks, you will move to being a word shark in no time. First of all, don’t be attracted to the high number of points and aim to reach them at each possible turn because forethought can win you the game. You should never be afraid to use a small word in the game if you can keep the high-scoring tiles which you can use later with a greater effect. You shouldn’t only think about your current move, but have your future moves into consideration too. Tile exchange is one of the under0used aspects of this game and most of the novice players don’t know that they can actually trade in their tiles at the start of the turn. If you can’t make a play after a few rounds, you should turn in your tiles and exchange them for new ones. That is a fair way of playing and it is not considered to be a scrabble board cheat strategy as many others.


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