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Money spells that work


Many people are familiarized with the existence of black magic and love spells, but only a small number of them have heard about money spells. Money spells are beneficial spells that are supposed to help us earn more money, get the job or our dreams, get money or inheritance from a distant relative etc. But, do they really work? The people who rely on money spell in order to have more money are looking for money spells that work. In this article, you will find interesting facts about different money spells, money amulets and money drawing rituals. They might not work, but they are surely fun.

Money spells that work

Many people are looking for easy and fast ways to make money. They have lost the faith in conventional manners of earning money and they test some unconventional manner to get money. Do not worry, we are not talking about steeling, we are only talking about money spells that work. Money spells, just like love and fertility spells, have been used for centuries. They come in many shapes and types. There are also different types of money drawing amulets and rituals. If you need money fast and you think that a money spell can help you, then here is one that is supposed to work. So, here it goes: take several coins and scatter them around your house. They should lie on the floor, but do not put them under carpets or furniture, because they will not work. Put them in locations where there is no danger of anyone displacing them (or where your dog or your child might swallow them). The idea is to place them on locations or near the objects that are important to you (for example, if you work as caterer, place the coins under the table on which you work). While scattering the coins, you should repeat the following sentence: “Money on the floor brings money in the door“. The procedure should be repeated two or three more times.

Money spells that work and money drawing rituals

There are many money spells that work, but there are also many small rituals that can boost your self-confidence and help you bring money at home. Some say that sprinkling cinnamon on your wallet will help you retrieve the money that you spend easily. Others say that placing a bowl of change near the front door will bring prosperity and happiness to your home. There are also people who believe that hanging a horseshoe in the form of cup above your front door will increase the flow of money to your home. There are believes that splashing a glass of water after someone leaves to work will help them earn more money, because the work will flow as the water. There are also some things that you should not do because they might chase the money away from you. Therefore, never leave your bag on the floor, because money will away from you. Such believes are not universal and are unique to the culture and the tradition.

Money spells that work

If you are looking for money spells that work, then we recommend checking few web sites, such as,, or If things in your life are not going the way you want, then why not try money spells, they might just work.


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