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Choosing the right juicer: centrifugal of masticating?

Who wouldn’t like a freshly squeezed juice every morning with his coffee? It’s heaven. Many coffee shops have freshly squeezed juices, but there’s always a problem of the price. Freshly squeezed juices that are offered in coffee shops usually cost a fortune, and many people, although they would want them, skip them because of their high price. A good alternative to paying a small fortune every time you wish to drink a fresh juice is buying a juicer. The initial investment is higher, but the overall result is worth it. You can enjoy freshly squeezed juices whenever you have fruits (or vegetables) nearby. They are great for your health and you will feel much better once you start drinking at least one such juice on a daily basis. Most people who didn’t own juicers don’t go blindly into buying one. The best thing you can do at first is get familiar with the subject. juicer reviews Do you even know what types of juicers there are? You can choose between a masticating juicer or a centrifugal one. As with most things, it all comes down to a price: the more you pay, the better the product will be. The masticating juicers have more quality, but they are also way more expensive. It pays off in the long run however. Unfortunately, not all of us can afford to pay $1000 and more for a juicer. The centrifugal juicers can cost as little as $20, but never go for the cheapest one, as it won’t last long. Quality starts around the $100 mark. Make sure to read some juicer reviews before buying one too.


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