How to clear adult skin from acne

You may have noticed how your acne from the teenage period is still present now when you are an adult. This is something that is happening to many other adults around the world. Adult acne is a very common thing. It is advisable to learn something more about acne and you will be able to get rid of it. It is possible to clear adult skin from acne. How can Exposed clear your skin from acne? How can any other similar product do that for that matter? We will try to answer on those question going further in the article.

Causes of adult acne

There are various causes of adult acne. Adult acne can be caused because of hormones, stress, birth control pills, and bad cosmetics. Hormones may be the main reason for overreaction of the sebaceous glands. The stress is making your oil glands work more than they should. If the birth control pills have androgen it them, they can be the main reason for breakouts. And the bad cosmetics lead to pores that are filled with bacteria. It is advisable to use oil free products that will keep your breakouts at bay. Make sure the products are clinically tested and they don’t cause acne. It is also recommended to reduce the intake of dairy products. Dairy products do not cause acne, but they may be the reason for acne flare up.

How to treat adult acne

You have to realize that adult acne is not like teen acne. If you have used certain products for acne treatment while you were a teenager, you should not use the same products as an adult. You can clear your adult skin from acne with a simple program that involves two steps. The first step is to choose the right cleanser. A medicated cleanser with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide should do the trick. The second step is exfoliation. You should clean your pores with a salicylic acid treatment. Make sure you do not scrub too hard and do not exfoliate too much. You should do this at least two times a week. Your skin will also love a good facial. Find a good facial care specialist and enjoy in the blackhead extractions, exfoliation, and camphor, zinc, and sulfur masks. A facial care specialist will know what your skin needs. You can clear adult skin from acne only if you are persistent in what you do.

Clear your skin with the help of a dermatologist

Do not wait to consult with a doctor if you notice problems with your skin. Over the counter products with benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid may help you solve the acne problem if it is not too serious. The benzoyl peroxide will reduce the bacteria and the salicylic acid will unclog your pores. This should do the trick for basic acne problems. However, if you suffer from serious skin problems and acne, you should consult with a dermatologist. The dermatologist can prescribe all kinds of products and it will choose the one that is suitable to your skin problems. All kinds of options are available, such as retinoids, birth control pills, azelaic, and antibiotics. They may also be covered by insurance.