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The amazing health benefits of salmon

When it comes to the health benefits of salmon, it is hard to decide where to start because this is definitely a “superfood” and even people who don’t like eating fish can enjoy this particular fish. Salmon is firm enough to be grilled, it can be prepared in several different ways and the best thing about it is that it doesn’t dry out easily as most other fish. Salmon can be found fresh, smoked, canned and frozen. You can eat this fish without being afraid of excess mercury or contaminants and the nutrient profile of it is exceptionally highly valued.                        

Nutritional health benefits of salmon

Important nutrients provide the many health benefits of salmon. This fish is high in protein and good fats. That’s something we all, but maybe you didn’t know that only one serving of wild salmon (4 oz) supplies the body with the total daily requirements of vitamin D. There aren’t many natural foods we could say the same thing about. The same serving of salmon also contains more than half of the daily requirements of B12, selenium and niacin, and it is also an excellent source of magnesium and vitamin B6. Canned salmon has other health benefits because of the high calcium content, because the bones of the fish are also consumed when it is canned.                                                               


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