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The many health benefits of salmon

People who consume fish regularly are protected from many serious health conditions. Omega-3 fats are probably the main factor that provides important health benefits of salmon, but this fish also contains other beneficial nutrients apart from that. Primarily, the omega-3 fats work by reducing inflammation in the human body. Inflammation is actually the base of different health issues, such as diabetes, heart disease, arthritis and some kinds of cancer. Omega-3 fats also prevent blood clots which are the cause of many strokes. Recently, scientific studies have proven that omega-3 fats actually have the potential to slow some cognitive problems, like cognitive decline related to age or even Alzheimer’s disease. The studies also resulted with the fact that people with sufficient omega-3 levels in their bodies seem to have less suicide and depression risk, but are also less aggressive. This type of fat combine with vitamins seems to reduce aggressive behavior.

Considerations about health benefits of salmon

When it comes to the health benefits of salmon, an important fact should be taken into consideration: farmed and wild salmon don’t have the same amount of health benefits. To be honest, most of the salmon which is available for us to consume today is actually farmed. The bad news is that many independent studies have proven that farmed salmon contains PCBs and some other contaminants. European studies showed that farmed fish contains high levels of some heavy metals like cadmium and lead, which seem to get to the fish meat through the industrial food. FDA and USDA regulate the farmed salmon in USA, but they allow higher levels of those contaminants than the ones allowed with salmon from the wild, which is regulated by another institution, the EPA. The regulations of FDA haven’t been updated from 1984 and I would say that they aren’t as relevant as the newer regulations and scientific studies made by the EPA. Farmed salmon is “fattened up”, which means that it actually contains higher levels of the beneficial omega-3 fats, but that doesn’t mean that it is healthier. In fact, it is recommended to cook farmed salmon in a way that will reduce the content of fat because the different contaminants. As a conclusion to this article, we will say again that the natural food is always better, no matter how cliché it sounds.


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