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Natural Makeup Look

The makeup world is full of problems – running mascara, caked on foundation and odd color combos. Although pouty red lips and dramatic eyes are extremely sexy, there is always something to be said for sultry and simple natural beauty. When starting my daily makeup routine, the first and most important thing I need to do is to make my skin look perfect and even. First, I apply a tinted moisturizer and then I use foundation on those spots that need extra coverage. After that I give my face a bit of color – I apply a bronzer on those areas where the sun naturally hits: the nose, forehead and high on my cheeks. The color of the blush is on the natural side because finding a blush that matches my cheek color is crucial for getting a natural touch. As for my eyes, I do not wear colors that are too shimmery, bright or dark as those are more for a party look. I apply eyeshadow to the lower part of my eyelid using natural-looking and light shades that define my lids and don’t make me look overdone. Next, I apply one coat of dark brown mascara that really makes my eyes stand out. Lastly, I apply a sheer gloss on my lips in order to polish off my look. Since the color of the lip gloss should complement my natural lip color, I choose one that has a similar shade with the color of my lips. And I’m done, it’s that simple! Remember girls, the beauty comes from the inside, thus you should exercise and eat healthy and also get rest as much as you can, drink water and do not smoke. Look up from some of sigma brushes coupon for better deals!


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