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Health benefits of exercise and strength training

Health benefits of exercise and strength training include increased muscle mass and decreased body fat. You can enjoy in the increased strength of ligaments and tendons. Exercising provides increased muscular strength. It also potentially improves range of joints motion and flexibility. You can notice positive changes in blood cholesterol. Exercising reduces high blood pressure. It improves insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance. By doing exercises and strength training you can easily improve balance and strength.

Health benefits of exercise and aerobic

If you combine health benefits of exercise and aerobic, you will really enjoy leading a healthy life. The function of your lungs and heart will improve. The amount of blood that the heart pumps every minute, or maximal cardiac output, will be increased. The amount of blood that is being pumped each beat, or maximal stroke volume, will be also increased. The ability for oxygen carrying and blood volume will be increased. The maximal oxygen consumption will increase if you regularly do exercises. The ability to use the oxygen will also increase and your muscles will get the needed blood supply. Aerobic can lower the blood pressure and heart rate. Exercising regularly increase the good cholesterol, called HDL cholesterol. Aerobic can decrease the blood triglycerides. By doing daily exercises you can improve the weight control and reduce body fat easily. Your glucose tolerance will be improved and your insulin resistance will be reduced. Make sure you regularly do some simple exercises and you will immediately see improvements in your health.


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