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East Vancouver condos for sale

Vancounver is a city located in the British Columbia, within the state of Canada. Based on welfare research, it is branded the most pleasant city to live in for the past several years. Vancouver is not only a wonderful city; the nature in British Columbia is beautiful too. It is no wonder then that many people all over the world wish to settle in this astounding place. A rather interesting fact is that Vancouver is the city with most diverse spoken languages in Canada, with the percentage of people who are talking languages other than English and French being quite high.

East Vancouver condos for sale: the neighborhood

East Vancouver is a region of the city of Vancouver that borders in the north with Burrard Inlet, south with Fraser River and east with Burnaby. The Ontario Street is what divides East Vancouver from the West Side. It should not be confused with West End, which is a part of downtown Vancouver. In old times, during the initial settlement of the area, it was a place for people with lower incomes, but nowadays its main trait is diversity. House prices are not a trifle matter, but they are still lower than in some other parts of the city.

East Vancouver condos for sale: availability

If you scout for real estates, namely East Vancouver condos for sale, you will notice that the price range escalates three times from the lowers possible price. That is not such a major difference, which means that the market is more stable even with the aforementioned diversity. The main difference between buildings themselves is the design of both interior and exterior. Condos are generally rather big, but some buildings are simply older than others, and that affects the price as well. So for the freshly build condo with a lovely designed garden and a pleasant interior as well as exterior, you would have to give about one million USD. The size of a condo with this value is about 2000 square feet and enough rooms to fit three families. On the other end of the price spectrum, you have older buildings in a slightly less lucrative and more secluded parts of town. These condos have a more traditional look but do not get the wrong idea, they are not about to fall apart, to the contrary. They are very well maintained and definitely worth the price.

East Vancouver condos for sale: conclusion

If you are looking for an investment for either a larger portion of your family or simply wish for a place to rent so others can use it, the East Vancouver area would be a good choice because it hosts a peaceful neighborhood with lovely scenery. It’s a good place to bring up kids in as well as start a business, or spend your retirement days if you have earned enough during your work period to have and spend on something this extravagant. And remember, it is not only the city that has its wonders, as the nature in British Columbia has wonders of its own to offer.


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