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Changing guitar strings

Once you acquire some proper strings for your guitar, it’s time to get on with the procedure. The first step you need to do is relieve the sixth wire. Make sure that you are relieving it and not tightening it up! Then, remove the wire off its handler. Do not attempt to remove more than one wire at a time since this might cause excessive stress on the head of your guitar. Repeat this process and you’re half way there. Installing new strings depends on the guitar you have. For most electric guitars there is a bridge with a hole which serves as a guideline for this process. Pull it all the way through, revolve it around its holder and trim it off.

Balancing the strings

Once you’re done with the process of installing new wires, you’ve basically gained knowledge on how to change guitar strings. Once you’re done with this you will need to balance the tones with a special audio device. If you don’t own it, borrow it from a friend or ask the clerk in the guitar shop if he can adjust it for you. This will make sure that your sound output is correct.


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