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Gaming consoles and free time

Not long ago, I decided to spend some money I saved on something that would occupy my free time, as I did not wish to spend all my free time watching TV. I was indecisive between a new computer and some of the gaming platforms, but in the end I decided that a gaming platform would be more fun, as my friends could join me playing. At first I was not sure which one to buy: the Playstation 3 or an Xbox 360; but I stumbled upon a really good deal at one store, so I decided to buy the MS Xbox 360. They showed me a few different models. There were old versions there which look gigantic compared to the new slim ones. I naturally decided for one of the new ones.

free xbox 360

I was prepared to go all in, so I didn’t have to upgrade my system or hardware for some time. Three different slim versions were available and I went for the last and best one available. It is some sort of a limited edition which came out in October 2011. It had 320 GB of free disk space, which is great considering that I have a lot of materials stored on CD’s and DVD’s which I then restored on my new Xbox 360. The best part was that they were selling the console as a part of a big game promotion so I also got my first game. Few days later, I was so hooked that I went on another shopping spree and this time I bought a dozen new games. Since then, several months have passed and I am still gaming regularly. Here is a great site where you can find some good offers:


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