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Natural remedies that will help

There’s a fair number of natural remedies that have proven useful in battling acne scars, the most popular being tea tree oil, vinegar, lemon and lime juice. Tea tree oil is usually a component of many gels and creams, and it does a great job on skin healing and skin smoothing. Some people are allergic to tea tree oil, so if you notice any uncommon reactions, you should contact your doctor immediately. Vinegar will remove the upper skin layer and dead skin cells, quickening the healing process. If you use lime or lemon juice on acne scars, they will become lighter and won’t be noticed as easily.

Other procedures for getting rid of acne

Natural remedies may prove unsuccessful in getting rid of acne scars, but there are other ways to achieve this. The most efficient way to get rid of the scars is undergoing surgery – this may include filling, removing or raising scars. One of the most popular procedures is dermabrasion – the top layer of the skin is sanded away to remove the damaged skin. The face will become smoother as the new skin grows. Another way to achieve smoother skin is chemabrasion. It’s basically the same procedure as dermabrasion, the only difference being that instead of a brush, chemicals are used to remove the top skin layer. A laser treatment is another option. The top layer of skin is removed with a light laser. The type of laser and light vary, depending on the severity of scars. All these procedures will stimulate skin growth, resulting in smoother skin. If you can’t stand looking at your acne scars, try some natural remedies. If they don’t help, ask your dermatologist for advice on which procedure would be best for you.


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