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How To Grow Lemons

Even though it does not seem like an easy task, learning how to grow lemons is not as difficult as you might think. There are some basic things that you need, and in some climates it will not be possible to grow them outside. But if you take care of the basics and either have the right climate or can create a suitable environment inside, it can be a great experience. In this brief guide I will detail how to grow lemons both inside and outside and discuss all of the growing tips that you will need to make sure you get it right.

The lemon tree as a house plant

We can begin with growing lemons indoors. The trees make surprisingly attractive house plants, but they do need a little more space than most of your other indoor plants. They can grow just fine in a container, but the container needs have a good drainage system and needs to offer the plant enough room to grow. The height of a mature plant will range from three to five feet if grown indoors. One tricky thing is that the soil needs to be moist, but it also needs to drain very thoroughly. You should also test the acidity because the trees like a certain amount of acidity. They do not require an excessive amount of fertilizer, but add it as needed.


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