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Tips On How To Write A Essay From An Experienced Writer

Knowing how to write a essay is a surprisingly difficult skill. When you get an assignment in school or for an application, and you have to finally sit down at the computer and actually plan out what you are going to say, you may find yourself staring at a blank computer page for quite a long time. I am an experienced essay writer, and I have developed a few tips along the way. First, I like to write out a list of ideas before I ever start typing. I identify what the main thesis of the essay is before I ever write a sentence, and then organize supporting statements to support that thesis. Once the organizational scheme is developed, it is time to start putting those ideas into paragraphs.

Remember that each paragraph should present a complete and concise idea. By the end of the first paragraph, it should be obvious what you are writing about what thesis you are trying to put forward. You do not necessarily have to say exactly how you will proceed, but it is a good idea to give the reader some knowledge of your thought process in the opening paragraphs. Likewise, there should be an obvious conclusion that very briefly summarizes the key points without sounding repetitive. After that summary, you should highlight what new information the reader has gleaned by taking the time to read your essay. As a general rule, keep your sentences short and precise, and you will end up with a strong essay.


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