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Why is Google ranking important

The majority of daily visitors of almost every website come from Google, which has been dominating among search engines for the past decade without a real challenger in site. There is a clear answer for the dominancy of Google: it provides the best results; it is highly reliable; and it offers the best experience for the users and the highest confidence in the company, service or product. Every time Internet users turn to Google when they need something, they are sure that they will find exactly what they need reliably and quickly. That is why almost 70% of all Google users don’t even go to the second page of the search results, and only 2% continue past the third page of the Google engine search results.

Those numbers are the best proof that almost everyone finds what they need very quickly. With that being clarified, the importance of a website’s Google ranking is evident. All websites have a common goal: to appear on the first page of a Google search with a keyword associated with their focus. If a website ranks as number one on the search results, 40% of the users are predicted to visit it; 30% are going to visit the second website as well, and 24% are likely to click the third link that appears in the search results. Being ranked within the top results in a Google keyword search is an imperative for all website owners who want to increase their traffic and popularity. Organic SEO services are contained of specialized field of online marketing that has the purpose to create a strategy that will place a website in the top Google results.



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