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College makeup ideas for the eyes

When it comes to the college makeup ideas for the eyes, it would be a great mistake if you apply too much eyeshadow in too many shades. Don’t try to achieve a professional makeup look from the magazines because we are talking about college makeup ideas for girls after all. Just choose light shades that complement your skin tone and use them to brighten up your eyes. Eye liner is allowed in college makeup. You can use your favorite eyeliner formula to apply a thin line on the upper lash line. I prefer gel or liquid liner because I find that it stays longer. Try avoiding smokey formulas of eye pencils because they tend to smudge and if your eyes will look tired after a few classes. Don’t apply the liquid eyeliner in an eccentric way and always keep it natural. Apply your favorite mascara, but use a light hand with it because you don’t need too much.

College makeup ideas: finish the look

Now that you have the biggest part ready, you can finish the college makeup look with a natural shade of lipgloss. Make sure to always keep your lips conditioned and moisturized. Stay neutral and don’t reach for the dramatic lipstick colors, which should be saved for your nights out. Apply a small amount of fresh pinky or peachy blush on the apples of your cheeks. You don’t really need bronzer for your college makeup ideas, but if you don’t want to leave without it, use it very sparingly. Now you are beautiful and ready to conquer the day! If you want to experiment, you can always find many college makeup ideas for girls on YouTube. Watch them on your free time, but always remember the postulates we mentioned in the part one of our tips.


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