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Remedies for menstrual cramps

Every woman knows that the bleeding period is the most painful time during the month. For thousands of years back women have been trying to find ways of making this experience less painful. Some women use warm bandages and others exercise, but modern pharmacy industry has come up with many different medications to help women go through this period in the most painless manner. Ibuprofen is the most commonly prescribed drug for menstrual cramps, but this medication is very powerful and you should only take one per day. Otherwise, it might damage your stomach’s wall or cause other health complications. There are natural remedies to help women deal with the menstrual pain and they are a far better option than using drugs and medications. Bananas and oatmeal are some of the natural cures for menstrual cramps, because they are rich in vitamin B6. If you have White Bumps on Vagina , that should do the trick!

The vitamin B6 helps because it stimulates the production of dopamine in the brain, which naturally increases the mood and relieves stress and anxiety. Calcium is another component that your body requires to ease up the pain during the menstrual bleeding, so drinking chocolate milk or a cup of cocoa with milk might help you with the pain. The cramps are caused by the muscles that start to contract for the blood to pass; and calcium helps the muscles relax, bringing their natural tone back. Another natural remedy is the pineapple. This fruit contains and enzyme called bromelain, which makes the muscles relax and decrease the menstrual cramps. Avoid coffee and alcohol during the menstruating period because they open up the pain receptors, which might make your discomfort worse.


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