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Premarital agreements

Premarital agreements, also known as prenuptial agreements are not romantic, but they are surely necessary in some cases. According to the latest statistics, more than 20% of second marriages in the US are concluded based on a prenup, while only 3% of the first-time marriages are concluded based on a prenuptial agreement. However, taking into account the fact that people now conclude marriages later in their lives (usually, at 28-30 years of age or later), spouses now enter in marriages with higher incomes and higher debts (for example, properties of different types, real estate, bank loan, bank debt, student loans etc.). Based on the current situation, matrimonial lawyers are extremely in favor of signing a prenup. Now, we all know that sometimes love can be blind and money is not important, but what happens when the two madly in love birdies start living together?

Someone has to pay the bills, buy something to eat and pay the mortgage. In order to avoid problems later on when the marriage has already been concluded, it would be good to sign a prenup. Bringing this topic to your partner is certainly not easy (especially if you are the one who earns more, making your partner feel threatened), but it should be discussed openly and sincerely. Legal experts recommend signing the agreement six months to a year before the wedding, so both sides have time to closely examine the agreement and avoid the pre-wedding frustrations blow everything out of proportions. The agreement should be simple and enforceable. You certainly don’t won’t to include in the agreement things like “the wife should pay the husband $10.000 if she gains 20 pounds“! The agreement should be in line with the applicable matrimonial laws and it should be reasonable and easy to apply if needed. Here is more information:, and


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