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Books for dummies

In the distant 1991, the first “For Dummies” book was introduced. It was a book on how to use the Microsoft DOS command prompt. The difference between that book and many other books that had the same (or similar) subject was that this book was written for beginners, people who had no previous knowledge on the subject. The point was that you could learn how to do something without being expert at it before. You were simply requested to follow the book step by step, as most things were explained step by step and an average person was able to learn a lot from it. Of course, you could not expect to gain some expert knowledge from this book, but that was not the point anyway.


The thing is that the book was surprisingly popular and a few years later another For Dummies book was released. The second title was about Windows – and that is how one of the biggest franchises was born. We have more than 1800 For Dummies books there days; and their subjects vary greatly. Make no mistake: not all titles are in relation to computing and technologies. Those books cover most great fields of human occupation, such as physics and medicine; but there are also book about various activities such as bird keeping, sports and even sex. For any subject you are not expert on, you might want to consult one of those books. The thing is that you can learn a lot from them and once you do that, you will be ready for more advanced literature related to the specific subject.


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